Thursday, August 2, 2007

get more collection anything


The best way to start your own LEGAL dvd collection is to bargain hunt. You can do this both online and offline. Here's a list of some of the cheapest places to buy DVD's building up a mammoth in-house collection F-A-S-T!

1. ::Wal-Mart::

This place tops my list for several reasons. The stores are pretty much U.S. nationwide and you can get some pretty nice deals no matter what part of the country you're in. The best time to get the biggest break on newly released DVD's that come in to Wal-Mart is to BUY ON THE FIRST DAY THE RELEASE THEM. You can save up to $4 off their regular price. Plus, they'll jack the price up by at least $5 the very next day! Check their regular flyers to see what movies will be released on what days. Usually it's on a Tuesday, but can be any day really.

And, if you don't get the store flyer delivered to your 'snail mail' box, you can always go to their website: -- and check out their in-store flyer for your specific area.

Also, you can pre-order new releases before they even get to the store and save. Then all you have to do is wait for the delivery date when your pre-ordered DVD will reach your local Wal-Mart, and mosey on down there and pick it up.

2. ::DVD Warehouses::

These are some of my favorite! You should have one or more in your local area that buys and sells DVD's/CD's/Video Games. My absolute fave would have to be, hands down, CD Warehouse -- Well, they USE to be CD Warehouse in my area, now they go by the title Buy Backs. Good place to get a used DVD, in most cases like BRAND NEW, for a few bucks, literally!

You can find DVD movies for $4.99 or less there and get them LEGALLY! As a matter of fact, last week I stopped in to my local Buy Backs store and picked up the movie Abandon with Katey Holmes for just $2.49!! And it played like a dream. No scratches, skips, nada! So, don't count out the local CD/DVD Warehouse.

3. ::Yard Sales::

Now, obviously, you won't get the same higher quality when buying from a yard sale, but you can still get some pretty great deals there. Take time to check out the DVD for scratches and things, and if at all possible, ask the yard saler if they wouldn't mind showing you that the DVD works first before buying it since there aren't refunds.

Worst case scenario is that you buy a piece of junk for a couple of bucks that you just might be able to sell to the DVD Warehouse :-)

4. ::Make A Trade::

Trade with your friends and family! And you thought this was just for kids and Pokemon. HA! Seriously, you never know. Your Aunt Mable may just have that copy of Gone With The Wind you've been dreaming of that she's willing to part with for your copy of GhostBusters II. What's the worst that could happen? You get a big fat "NO WAY!" Shrug it off and move on to your Uncle Frank!

It doesn't cost anything to try!

5. ::Watch The Auctions::

My next door neighbor does this. She gets a new movie almost every week. Just by searching and bidding on DVD's listed on eBay -- And she's on a tight budget, so I KNOW you can get some great deals there!

You need to watch CAREFULLY how much you're paying though, including the shipping and handling charges. If the total for the movie on auction is more than it would cost you to buy from your local Wal-Mart or other shopping Super Center, then it's a bum deal.

Of course, eBay isn't the ONLY auction house online. It's just the MOST popular! There are quite a few others. Not to mention, eBay has the biggest selection because of it's popularity. Also, eBay is more inclined to have those 'hard to find' DVD's or international movies you might be questing for. So keep that in mind when bargain hunting. Don't count out the online auction.

The WORST places to buy DVD's and waste your money BIG TIME is from 'Larry' down the street who burns off copies and only charges you $4.00 a pop, Video Rental Stores who charge WAY to much for their previously viewed DVD's, and upper scale department stores.

First off, buying or selling burned copies of DVD's is ILLEGAL in the U.S. Even if you LEGALLY purchased the DVD you're copying. Does that mean you can't burn a copy for yourself? No. That's legal. But burning COPIES of it and selling it IS. Heck, even GIVING away a burned copy is!

Video Rental Stores are in business to make money. Plus they don't skimp when it comes to their advertising budget. In other words, they KNOW how to hook you in and make you believe you're getting the BEST deal by spending your dough with them. But in my experience, I'd go with the DVD Warehouse. You'll get a better deal EVERY SINGLE TIME.

And lastly, if you're shopping for DVD's, please, dear God in Heaven, DO NOT SHOP AT AN UPSCALE RETAIL SHOP. Especially those that specialize in DVD's, CD's, Video Games, Books, etc. You are basically throwing your money right down the crapper when you do this. Oh, and the word 'upscale' doesn't mean that the store is for the rich. They could be, and most likely are, targeting the 'teen scene'.

Shop smart. Save yourself some money by shopping at the RIGHT places for DVD's and you'll get more out of every buck you spend. Always watch for sales on DVD's and compare those prices with each other. But remember, gas is expensive nowdays. Sometimes it's better, and less expensive to shop right from the comfort of your own home!

Happy Shopping!